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Nature lovers and enthusiasts, it’s time to go outside and explore our own backyard! Participate in Edmonton’s annual biodiversity photo challenge.

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Participate in Edmonton’s annual photo BioBlitz*

June 10–13th, 2021

Inspired by the City Nature Challenge—a global urban biodiversity “contest”, where cities compete against one another to monitor biodiversity within their cities—the Alberta BiodiverCity Challenge invites Edmontonians to take part in a city-wide BioBlitz* using NatureLynx, a new citizen science app brought to you by the Alberta Biodiversity Monitoring Institute.

Between June 10–13, join our city’s naturalists, species experts, and environmental groups in documenting as many species as you can! Simply upload your photos of birds, plants, mammals, moss, lichen, mushrooms and insects to NatureLynx. Your contributions will be used to help understand more about the species that call
our city home.

*A bioblitz is a communal citizen-science effort to record as many species within a designated location and time period as possible.

*Given the uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic, activities will be  adjusted to accommodate recommended social distancing measures. 

All sightings shared within the boundary below will be included in the Challenge!

We’ve highlighted a few biodiversity “hot-spots”. How many can you visit?

3 Easy Steps to Participate


Download NatureLynx by visiting Google Play or the App Store (or visit naturelynx.ca)


Once in the app - search for the Edmonton BiodiverCity Challenge mission


Upload your sightings and tag them to the mission by June 20th

*A project page for the Edmonton BiodiverCity Challenge has also been generated on iNaturalist

Featured Sightings

Here we will feature some of our favorite sightings shared to the BiodiverCity Challenge mission on NatureLynx!

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Orange-legged Fly by user TLDDesign
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Barred Owl by user Ekvivek
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Columbia-Spotted Frog by user ScienceMarie
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Spotted Coralroot by user sandycmcg

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Citizen Science Coordinator
Alberta Biodiversity Monitoring Institute

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