Get ready for the YEG BiodiverCity Challenge with our five-part webinar series! 

During the month of May, check out our weekly webinars to explore some of the ins and outs of the species that call our City home

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NatureLynx 101

May 06, 4-5pm

Join Jordan Bell, the Alberta Biodiversity Monitoring Institute’s Citizen Science Coordinator, as he introduces you to the ABMI’s citizen science application, NatureLynx!

We’ll explore the motivation behind Edmonton’s upcoming photo bioblitz and talk about how you can get prepared for the Edmonton BiodiverCity Challenge.

Amphibians & Gartersnakes of the Edmonton Area

May 13, 4-5pm

Join Kris Kendell, biologist with Alberta Conservation Association, for an introduction to the amphibians and gartersnakes of the Edmonton area—species that share some of the same traits, habits, and habitats. You’ll learn how to properly identify local species, when and where to look for them, and how to reliably find them. Kris will also cover some of the ethical principles of handling amphibians and gartersnakes and best practices when searching for and observing them in the field.

Dragonflies & Damselflies of Alberta

Date: May 20, 4-5pm

Join Alex Lapierre from the Alberta Biodiversity Monitoring Institute’s aquatic invertebrate taxonomy team as he discusses the ins and outs of surveying adult odonates. Alex will talk about how adult odonate surveys can supplement nymph data collected via aquatic sampling, and some of the citizen science opportunities to capture new species records throughout Alberta.

Lichen Block Party

May 27, 4-5pm

Did you know that Edmonton is home to over 110 different species of lichen? Whether it’s orange Boulevard Beauties, grey Parkland Players or pelty Riparian and Ravine Residents, each lichen community is special. Learn to speak lichen, and listen to what lichens might be telling us about our urban environments.  You’ll come away with a newfound appreciation of the not-so-hidden biodiversity in our backyards. Join Diane Haughland (Alberta Biodiversity Monitoring Institute) for the party; come meet your lichen neighbours!

Mossin’ Around

Jun 03, 4-5pm

Bryophytes (mosses, liverworts, and hornworts) are a diverse group of plants, flourishing in Edmonton from sidewalk cracks and gutters to rotting logs and trees of the river valley. Join Brittney Miller (Alberta Biodiversity Monitoring Institute) as she introduces you to bryophytes: what they are, how to spot them, and how to get stellar pictures for citizen science apps like Naturelynx!

You will also be shown how to identify some of the most common mosses you will encounter while mossin’ around in Edmonton, a party trick sure to impress your friends.